Building Specs

Metals and Finishes

Standard interior and exterior metal finish:

  • 26 Ga. Bright stucco embossed galvanized steel

Optional Finishes Available:

  • 26 Ga. Painted stucco embossed galvanized steel. Standard colors available are white, black and almond. Optional colors are available by request.
  • .032 Stucco embossed aluminum
  • .040 Smooth white aluminum
  • .040 Stucco embossed aluminum
  • 24 Ga. Type 304 stainless steel #4 finish

Interior Floor Finishes:

  • .050 Smooth aluminum
  • 24 Ga. Type 304 stainless steel with #2B finish

Other gauges and finishes are available upon request.


Standard insulation is foamed-in-place Non-CFC U.L. Class 1 rated urethane foam. It has a thermal conductivity (K Factor) of not more than .125* BTU/Hr/Sq. ft/Degrees/F/in. and overall heat transfer coefficient (U Factor) of not more than .030 BTU/Hr.Sq.Ft. Class 1 urethane foam has a flame spread of 25 or less overall. Recommended wall thickness is nominal 3.5″ for storage temperatures down to +5°F and nominal 5.25″ for temperatures +5°F or lower and all outdoor freezers. Nominal 4″ panel is also available.

*Based on normal operating temperatures.

Panel Construction

Walk-ins are all custom designed to fit the individual customers’ needs. Each panel consists of an interior and exterior metal pan with structural wood frame or high density foam rail frame. These pans are separated by rigid foam-in-place self-extinguishing urethane insulation which adheres to the interior of the pans providing inoreased structural strength. All panels have tongue and groove construction.

Panel Fasteners

All panels are joined together using a cam locking fastener, operated with a hex wrench. Access holes are sealed with vinyl snap-in caps. Ceilings are typically attached to walls using lag bolts. When height restrictions dictate, or it customer specifies, walls can also camlock to ceilings.

Floorless Models

Alignment screed is furnished for all floorless models. Screeds are designed to be anchored to masonry floors to provide an accurate template for the erection of wall panels.

Floor Panel

Floors are built with metal bonded to exterior grade underlayment and foamed-inplace. Floors are capable of maintaining a load maximum of 1000 lbs./sq/ft. when uniformly distributed, and are NSF certified.

Walk-in Accessories and Features


  • 2 1/2′ Dial Thermometer
  • Compact Fluourescent Light with vapor proof globe
  • Flush mount lighted toggle switch (for field installation)
  • NSF Certified Construction
  • UL Listed Class 1 Non-CFC Urethane Foam
  • USDA Approved Materials


  • Display Doors
  • Double Acting Doors
  • Strip Curtains
  • Alarm Systems
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Storage Shelving
  • Built in Wall Supports
  • Heavy Duty Floor Plates
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Roof Systems for outdoor applications
  • Foamed in Place Electrical Boxes

Door, Jamb and Hardware

Standard CrownTonka walk-in doors are self closing infitting, overlap swing type.

Standard Features:

  • High quality heavy duty hardware with safety release
  • Closed cell door gasket
  • Heated jamb (freezer only)
  • Heated threshold (freezer only)
  • Heated pressure relief vent (freezer only)
  • Doors up to 48″ width are Pre-hung.

Optional Door Features and Accessories:

  • Flush Mount Doors
  • Bi-parting doors
  • Reach-in Service Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Heavy Duty Impact Plate
  • View Ports

CrownTonka reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

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